So-Cal Galaxie Club, INC.

A California registered non-profit organization formed to unite individuals who show a common interest in the preservation and enjoyment of the Ford Galaxie and other Ford full-size products from 1959 to 1974 and to promote fellowship among its members

Our regular meeting spot, the El Paso Cantina Restaurant has Closed As of Sunday Night August 28th.  We have decided Our Next Meeting on Sunday Sept 25th Will be Held at Twila Reid Park on S. Halliday & West Orange Ave, Where we have held our All Ford Show for the Past Few Years.  We will Meet at 11am for our Board Meeting and 12:30pm for General Meeting.



Founded in 1991, So-Cal Galaxies is a Southern California based car club for 1959-1974 fullsize Fords & Mercurys. We have a variety of cars in various conditions in our club that range from restoration projects all the way to completely finished cars.

Our club attends car shows, road rallies, tours, cruises, and much more to keep us involved throughout the year. We hold a annual car show once a year known as the "So-Cal Galaxies All Ford Show" previously known as the "Great Galaxie Gathering."Please take time and check out what our web site has to offer and please sign our guestbook.


Our Monthly Newsletter

From This..To This

Bob Logan of Ranchos Palos Verdes, California, has finally gotten his customized 1960 Starliner on the road.  It's unveiling was at the West Coast Kustoms, Crusin' Nationals in Santa Maria, Ca.  Because the car only had about 20 miles on it since the restoration, Bob said he was a little concerned about the drive, but he made the round trip without any problems.  Of course, its a Ford!

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