The figures above illustrates the Ford Warranty/Data plates. The plate is located on the rear (lock) 
face of the left front door panel. 

The official Vehicle Identification Number for title and registration purposes is stamped on a tab
attached to the top right side (weld flange) of the dash panel in the engine compartment (see below). 
Do not use the Vehicle Warranty Number which appears on the Warranty plate for title or
registration purposes.



The vehicle warranty number is the second line of numbers and letters appearing on the Warranty Plate. 
The first number indicates the model year. The letter following the model year indicates the assembly
plant at which the car was manufactured. The next two numbers designate the Body Serial Code. The
letter following the Body Serial Code designates the Engine Code. The remaining numbers indicate the
Consecutive Unit Number. The charts that follow, list in detail the various Vehicle Warranty Number codes.



The vehicle data appears in a line across the top of the warranty plate. The first two letters
and a number identify the Body Style. The following one or two letters identify the Exterior
Paint Color. The next code consisting of two numbers, or a letter and a number, identifies
the Interior Trim. The Date Code showing the date the car was manufactured follows the
Trim Code and consists of two numbers and a letter. The next code gives the district in
which the car was ordered and consist of two numbers. The next to the last code is the
Axle Ratio Code and is designated by a number for a conventional axle or a letter for an
Equa-Lock axle. The last code in the vehicle data is the Transmission Code and consist of
one number. The charts that follow, list in detail the various vehicle data codes.


The numeral "5" designates 1965.


Code Letter

A   Atlanta

D   Dallas

E   Mahwah

F   Dearborn

G   Chicago

H   Lorain

J   Los Angeles

K  Kansas City

L   Michigan Truck

N  Norfolk

P  Twin Cities

R  San Jose

S  Pilot Plant

T  Metuchen

U  Louisville

W  Wayne

Y  Wixom

Z  St Louis


The model code number indentifies the product line series and the particular body style: 
the first of the two digits shows the product line, and the second digit shows a two-door
style by and odd number or a four-door style by an even number.


Body Serial Code | Body Style Code | Body Type

Ford Custom

53                               62A                 2-Door Sedan 

54                               54E                 4-Door Sedan 

Ford Custom 500

52                               54B                4-Door Sedan 

51                                62B                2-Door Sedan 

Galaxie 500

62                                54A                 4-Door Sedan 

64                                57B                 4-Door Fastback 

66                                63B                2-Door Fastback 

65                                76B               2-Door Convertible 

Galaxie 500 XL

68                                63C              2-Door Fastback* 

69                                76B              2-Door Convertible* 

Galaxie 500 LTD

60                                 57F               4-Door Fastback 

67                                 63F               2-Door Fastback 

Station Wagons

72                                 71B                4-Door 6 Passenger 

74                                 71C               4-Door 9 Passenger 

Country Squire

76                                71E              4-Door 6 Passenger 

78                                71A              4-Door 9 Passenger




C 8-Cylinder 289 Cubic Inch (4V Prem.) 

H 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (2V Spec.) 

L 8-Cylinder 427 Cubic Inch (4V Oh Cam) 

M 8-Cylinder 427 Cubic Inch (8V Oh Cam) 

P 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (4V Spec.) 

R 8-Cylinder 427 Cubic Inch (8V Hi Pref.) 

V 6-Cylinder 240 Cubic Inch (1V) 

X 8-Cylinder 352 Cubic Inch (4V) 

Y 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (2V) 

Z 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch (4V) 

5 6-Cylinder *240 Cubic Inch (1V) 

3 8-Cylinder *289 Cubic Inch (4V) 

9 8-Cylinder *390 Cubic Inch (4V) 

* Low Compression


Each assembly plant. with each model year, begins with a consecutive unit number 10001
and continues on for each car built.


Two-tone paint codes us the same symbols as the single colors except that two symbols are used. 
The lower body color will appear first in the warranty plate paint color space.

If a special paint is used, the paint color space will not be stamped.

Code   "M"Number      Color                 Sales Name

A           M30J-1724       Black                  Raven Black

C           M30J-1736   Med.Ivy Gld Met.   Honey Gold

D           M30J-1625    Med Turq Met     Dynasty Green

F           M30J-1226     Med. Blue Met     Arcadian Blue

H          M30J-1544      Dk. Blue Met      Caspian Blue

I            M30J-1737       Lt Beige Met   Champagne Beige

J           M30J-1515         Red.                   Rangoon Red

K           M30J-1621      Silvr Mink Met  Silver Smoke Gray

M          M30J-1619      White              Wimbledon White

O          M30J-1732      Lt Peacock     Tropical Turquoise

P           M30J-1738    Palomino Met.    Prairie Bronze

R           M30J-1879    Dk Ivy Green Met    Ivy Green

T           M30J-1631        Lt Beige           Navaho Beige

V           M30J-1729      Yellow                Sunlight Yellow

X           M30J-1632   Maroon Met.   Vintage Burgandy

Y           M30J-1269    Med Blue Met          Silver Blue

5           M30J-1731     Dk Turq Met.     Twilight Turquoise


* "M-32-J" Acrylic Paint Alternate with "M-30-J"



Deviation trim sets will use existing trim codes plus a suffix.  A trim code with a numerical
suffix is not serviced, while a trim code with an alphabetical suffix is serviced.


03 Green Vinyl 

04 Beige Vinyl 

12 Blue and Lt. Blue Met. Fabric & Vinyl 

15 Red Fabric & Vinyl 

16 Black Fabric & Vinyl 

17 Turquoise and Lt. Turq. Met. Fabric & Vinyl 

19 Palomino and Med. Palomino Fabric & Vinyl 

D6 White Pearl (w/Black) Vinyl 

22 Lt. Blue Met. Vinyl 

25 Red Vinyl 

26 Black Vinyl 

29 Med. Palomino Vinyl 

32 Blue and Blue Met. Vinyl 

33 Burgundy Vinyl 

35 Red Vinyl 

36 Black Vinyl 

37 Turquoise and Turq. Met. Vinyl 

38 Ivy Gold and Lt. Ivy Gold Vinyl 

39 Palomino and Med. Palomino Vinyl 

E2 White Pearl (w/Blue) Vinyl 

E3 White Pearl (w/Burgundy) Vinyl 

E5 White Pearl (w/Red) Vinyl 

E6 White Pearl (w/Black) Vinyl 

E7 White Pearl (w/Turq.) Vinyl 

E8 White Pearl (w/Ivy Gold) Vinyl 

E9 White Pearl (w/Palomino) Vinyl 

42 Med. Blue Met. Vinyl 

45 Red Vinyl 

46 Black Vinyl 

47 Turquoise Vinyl 

48 Lt. Ivy Gold D/L Vinyl 

49 Lt. Palomino Vinyl 

52 Blue and Blue Met. Fabric & Vinyl 

55 Red Fabric & Vinyl 

56 Black Fabric & Vinyl 

57 Turquoise and Turq. Met. Fabric & Vinyl 

58 Ivy Gold Fabric & Vinyl 

59 Palomino and Med. Palomino Fabric & Vinyl 

F6 White (w/Black) Vinyl 

62 Blue Met. and Lt. Blue Met. Vinyl 

65 Red Vinyl 

66 Black Vinyl 

67 Med. Turq. and Lt. Turq. Vinyl 

68 Lt. Ivy Gold Vinyl 

69 Med. Palomino Vinyl 

G2 White Pearl (w/Blue) Vinyl 

L2 White Pearl (w/Blue)with Headrest Vinyl 

G3 White Pearl (w/Burgundy)with Headrest Vinyl 

L3 White Pearl (w/Burgundy)with Headrest Vinyl 

G5 White Pearl (w/Red) Vinyl 

L5 White Pearl (w/Red)with Headrest Vinyl 

G6 White Pearl (w/Black) Vinyl 

L6 White Pearl (w/Black)with Headrest Vinyl 

G7 White Pearl (w/Turq.) Vinyl 

L7 White Pearl (w/Turq.)with Headrest Vinyl 

G8 White Pearl (w/Ivy Gold) Vinyl 

L8 White Pearl (w/Ivy Gold.)with Headrest Vinyl 

G9 White Pearl (w/Palomino) Vinyl 

L9 White Pearl (w/Palomino)with Headrest Vinyl 

72 Med. Blue Met. Vinyl 

K2 Blue with Headrest Vinyl 

75 Red Vinyl 

K5 Red with Headrest Vinyl 

76 Black Vinyl 

K6 Black with Headrest Vinyl 

77 Turquoise Vinyl 

K7 Turquoise with Headrest Vinyl 

78 Lt. Ivy Gold D/L Vinyl 

K8 Ivy Gold with Headrest Vinyl 

79 Med. Palomino Vinyl 

K9 Med. Palomino with Headrest Vinyl 

M6 White Pearl (w/Black) Vinyl 

82 Lt. Blue Met. Vinyl 

85 Red Vinyl 

86 Black Vinyl 

87 Turquoise Vinyl 

89 Med. Palomino Vinyl 

92 Lt. Blue Met. Vinyl (Mercury), Fabric & Vinyl (Ford) 

93 Burgundy Fabric & Vinyl 

95 Red Vinyl 

96 Black Vinyl (Mercury), Fabric & Vinyl (Ford) 

97 Turquoise Fabric & Vinyl 

99 Med. Palomino Vinyl (Mercury), Fabric & Vinyl (Ford) 

A9 Palomino Fabric & Vinyl 

P9 Palomino with Headrest Fabric & Vinyl 

B3 Burgundy Leather 

B9 Med. Palomino Leather 

C3 Burgundy Leather 

C9 Med. Palomino Leather 

Y5 Red Vinyl 

Y9 Palomino Vinyl 

Z6 Black Vinyl 

Z9 Palomino Vinyl


The code letters for the month are preceded by a numeral to show the day of the month when
the car was completed.  The second year code letters are to be used if 1961 model production
exceeds 12 months.

Month           First Model Year Second Model Year

January                   A                                    N

February                 B                                    P

March                      C                                   Q

April                         D                                   R

May                          E                                   S

June                         F                                   T

July                          G                                   U

August                     H                                   V

September              J                                    W

October                   K                                    X

November               L                                    Y

December               M                                   Z


Domestic Special Orders, Foreign Special Orders, and Pre-Approved Special Orders have
the complete order number recorded in this space.  Also to appear in this space is the two-digit
code number of the district which ordered the unit.  If the unit is regular production, only the
District code number will appear.

District Code


11  Boston

12 Buffalo

13 New York

14 Pittsburgh

15 Newark

21 Atlanta

22 Charlotte

23 Philadelphia

24 Jacksonville

25 Richmond

26 Washington

31 Cincinnati

32 Cleveland

33 Detroit

34 Indianapolis

35 Lansing

36 Louisville

41 Chicago

42 Fargo

43 Rockford

44 Twin Cities

45 Davenport

51 Denver

52 Des Moines

53 Kansas City

54 Omaha

55 St. Louis

61 Dallas

62 Houston

63 Memphis

64 New Orleans

65 Oklahoma City

71 Los Angeles

72 San Jose

73 Salt Lake City

74 Seattle

81 Ford of Canada

83 Government

84 Home Office Reserve

85 American Red Cross

89 Transportation Services

90 Export




1      3-Speed Manual-Shift

2     Overdrive

4     Cruise-O-Matic

5    4-Speed Manual-Shift

6    C-4 Automatic Dual Range

A number designates a conventional axle, while a letter designates an EquaLock differential.


1       3.00:1

4      3.25:1

5      3.50:1

8      3.89:1

9      4.11:1

A     3.00:1

E      3.25:1

F      3.50:1

H     3.89:1

I       4.11:1