CLiff Miercynski / 1967 Ford XL Convertible


Rare 1967 Ford XL Convertible equipped with the 7 Litre Sports Package and owned by Cliff and
Joann Mierczynski of Westminster, Ca, The 7 Litre package was a one year only option and consisted
of a 428 4V 345 HP engine, front disc brakes, heavy duty front suspension, upgraded tires,
wood grained steering wheel and a 4 speed Top loader manual transmission. With the addition
of factory A/C total production was 58 units.


The car was built on Friday, January 13 in Chicago, IL. It was sold by Pundmann Motor Company
in St. Charles, Mo. (they are still in business) with a total sticker price of $4,715.31. Additional
accessories included power steering, AM/FM radio, rear speakers, tinted glass, electric clock,
remote driver's side mirror and deluxe seat belts.


In 1971 the car was traded in on a 1971 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon through Valley Motors
in Florissant, Mo. The trade in allowance was $1,803.00.


We are the fourth owners of the car and it was purchased from a gentleman in Arkansas. It currently
has approximately 84,000+ miles on the clock and almost 10,000 miles on the engine rebuild. It's
driven almost every weekend with the longest trip being to Springfield, Illinois for a Galaxies
Nationals and Route 66 Festival