Dave Harkey / 1972 Ford LTD Convertible


My first reaction when I saw the car was I HAD to have it and if I got it I would NEVER sell it. Buying
the car would be a financial stretch for me but my Grandmother (who had been in "co-hoots" with me
on a couple other car deals) offered to loan me some money to make the deal. I drove the car home on
December 14, 1977.

I drove the car daily for the next 7 years, including through the energy crisis of 1979 when most of my
co-workers were riding bikes to work. I remember telling them that as long as I could afford to buy
gas I would continue to drive my "gas-guzzler". 

This car is one of 4234 convertibles produced in 1972 and was built on January 7, 1972 at the Louisville, KY plant. (All 1972 convertibles were built in Louisville). It is equipped with the 429 c.u. engine and virtually all the optional extras except the trailer towing stuff, including all  power options and the exterior appearance and protection items. I personally have not seen another '72 convertible with as much "stuff".  

The car remains basically unrestored. I had it painted and a new top installed in 1988 in
preparation for it's participation in the milestone display at the Knott's Berry Farm Fabulous
Fords Forever show that year celebrating Ford's 85th anniversary. Current mileage is about
118,000 miles. I mainly use it for car club activities and an occasional parade.